Travel Like A Pro

Traveling is definitely something that can bring stress and anxiety. I know I always wait until the last minute to pack and get organized, which only makes things more difficult. To make traveling a bit easier use my tips below!

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tea pre flight

I typically end up on early flights, so I don’t want to eat breakfast right when I wake up. Leaving extra time after you go through security gives you enough time to grab a coffee and some breakfast if you want.

It is so easy to overpack, and I will be the first to admit that I am notorious for it. You never know if you are going to need an emergency outfit right?! That is why I like to use my big suitcase for clothes and toiletries, and then a small carry on suitcase for shoes. Shoes are heavy and add unnecessary pounds to your bag, but when they are in your carry on, the weight is more flexible.


Before I get on the plane I like to grab a water - I always feel SO dehydrated after a flight if I don’t drink anything in the air.


Once we are in the air, I always like to watch movies (that is if I do not fall asleep immediately). It helps time fly by a lot faster.

Lastly, once you get to wherever you are traveling to - go out and explore! Soak up the city or the beach or whatever environment you are in. It is always tempting to chill out and take a nap after traveling, but getting out usually makes me feel a lot better in the long run.

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