Flashback to September 2015, and you will find me sitting in my room in Lausanne, Switzerland with my roommate. We were scrambling around trying to find a place to travel to for our first weekend living abroad. Then in a snap decision, we jumped on a trip to Germany for Oktoberfest.

We road tripped from Lausanne, Switzerland to Munich, Germany. That night we had no sleep, but we still rolled on to Oktoberfest. The whole day was pretty surreal. Everyone around us had on Lederhosen and Dirndl. We showed up in warm sweaters, black jeans, and Adidas...not really in the Oktoberfest spirit I guess. 

With that said, it was very entertaining, and it was pretty much one huge adult carnival. I haven't decided if it is something I would go back to, but it is definitely not crossed off of the list. Maybe next time I will show up having slept the night before..

You should try it out for yourself though. It is definitely an experience.