Name one place that is so aesthetically perfect that it doesn't even seem real. Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the answer. This city is so pretty in a very simple and neutral way. If you could define a city as a season, Amsterdam would be fall. That is probably what makes me love this city even more, because I absolutely adore fall.

With that said, Amsterdam was much more than a pretty face. The city itself was so easy to get around, and the people were all so friendly. (Also on the plus side, everyone is super tall there. I was no longer a giant. Ha.) The food...the FOOD. Every meal we had in Amsterdam was amazing. The first morning we were there, we ate at a cute little breakfast place called Bakers & Roasters. If you go, expect to wait a little while, but expect to be amazed. The restaurant itself is very simple and cute, and it makes you feel as if you are sitting outdoors when in reality you are not. 

Another sight to see would most definitely be the tulip festival. When we went, the tulips were not quite at their peak yet, so it was not as breathtaking as normal. It was still a beautiful sight to see, and the gift shops were a definite crowd pleaser as well. The first thing you need to do when you arrive, is find the strawberry stand and get yourself a cup of strawberries while walking around the grounds. It makes the whole experience complete. Make sure you carve out most of the day for this event, because by the time you reach the tulip fields and explore, it takes more than a few hours. 

When people ask me what my favorite city to travel to was, I always answer with "Well besides London of course, my favorite city would have to be Amsterdam." There is so much to do in the city and so much to see. You must check it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it. 

As always, check back soon for more, and thanks again for reading. xx