Back in LA

So roaming around Los Angeles is not exactly considered traveling, but once you've lived in Switzerland for eight months, it's like coming back to a whole new city. To say I missed LA would be an understatement. It wasn't until I landed at LAX this past June that I realized just how much I missed this city. LA is magic, and I hope I can stay forever. 

First on the list of the LA travels was of course none other than Urth Caffe. (I mean come on how can you pass up a Caravan Kale Salad???)

Then we drove on over to the Beverly Hills sign and played total tourists for a few minutes. (If you've never played tourist in your own city, do it. Do it now.)

Once we finished that, we ran across the coolest thing. EVER. If you could only see the look on my face when I saw it. Sequins. A wall. A wall made of sequins. It was really a girls dream come true. I don't know if I've been that excited in quite a while. 

Needless to say, I spent the whole time driving around LA with a huge smile on my face because of the pure joy this city brings me. Who knows what will be next on the adventure list..stay tuned to find out!

xx - Ally