The Flag's A Plus

As of today, it has officially been almost ten months since I left Switzerland. You can really get attached to a place after living there for a year, and let me tell you, I miss that place every single day. Every morning I woke up to the sound of trains rolling into the train station and the sight of Lake Geneva looking as beautiful as ever. Every morning the sun hit the lake just right, and the sight would take your breath away.

Lausanne, Switzerland is a beautiful place, and it is just the right size. It is big enough to get the city feel, but small enough to not be overwhelming. It is also so close to multiple other European cities. One night I got on a train to Paris around 8, and I was in my Airbnb before midnight. Traveling is so easy from Switzerland, and that has been one of the biggest differences in returning back to Los Angeles and the states in general. People don't usually just go to a different country for the weekend here. It would take half the weekend just to get somewhere. 

My living situation in Switzerland was unique as well. I lived in a house with around seventy of my closest friends. People that were strangers at the beginning of the year became family within a few months. That is one of the things I miss most about being back in the states. It was such a nice feeling to come back from traveling around Europe and to be surrounded by my newfound family. I will be forever thankful for the experiences I had in Switzerland, and it is something I will remember forever. 

xoxo -Ally