Gracias Por La Buena Comida

I haven't met many people who are not fans of Mexican restaurants. I am a proud supporter of Mexican food (especially the chips and guac)! Not once in my life had I ever imagined a vegan Mexican restaurant. That's right you heard me. Vegan. 

Gracias Madre is one of the best Mexican restaurants in LA. Walking into this place, I was a bit skeptical. When I think of Mexican food, I think of a chicken enchilada or beef tacos. Vegan options never once came to my mind. Let me just say, I was pleasantly surprised. 

My normal order at Gracias Madre is the "bowl dos", which has lentils, coconut rice, peanut sauce, spinach, and so many other goodies. The mixture of all the amazing flavors are a flavor explosion in your mouth, and I swear you will want to lick the bowl clean after. 

There is not a "best time" to go to Gracias Madre, because it is always popping and always has such a great atmosphere. The outdoor patio is my favorite place to sit, and at night they turn on twinkly lights that hang above the tables. The entire experience is magical, and everyone there is always so happy and helpful.

The restaurant is gorgeous, the food is amazing, and now I am booking a table as we speak. Catch you there! xx