Birmingham Brunch

Oh look - I’m at brunch. Again. Wearing leopard print. Again. Are we noticing a trend?

When I tell you this print is a staple in my closet, I’m not kidding. No matter the season you will catch me wearing it. Even to a weekend brunch. (By the way The Essential in Birmingham, AL has got it going on.)

brunch 3
brunch 1
brunch 2
brunch 4
brunch 6
brunch 5


Girls Night Out

Sometimes a girls night out is just what the doctor ordered. I used to be a total homebody during the week and would only like to be out and about on the weekends. Recently though I have been loving a mid week catch up with friends. I’ve learned that girls nights don’t have to be some huge production like I used to make them during school. Now I have learned to appreciate a quick little dinner at a casual Mexican restaurant. (In this case it was Little Donkey. YUM.)


Stay tuned for more summer content coming soon. xx

A Saturday at the Brentwood Country Mart

Hey LA! It has been way too long. I seriously think I was having palm tree withdrawals being away that long. I definitely had a long list of places I wanted to go back to in LA, but I also had a few new places I wanted to check out.

Brentwood Country Mart was at the top of that list. It was pretty gloomy the day we went, so it wasn’t a long adventure, but it was so cute while we were there.

Have you been to the Brentwood Country Mart? Let me know your favorite shops below!