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I’ll be the first to admit that I hate looking like a tourist even when I am one. I love to pretend I am a local and just make it up as I go along. You will never see me pull out a map, and I try to never look confused or lost. Don’t ask me why I do this - I have no idea either! It is a weird habit I picked up, but I stand by it to this day.

I did, however, let myself become a tourist in New York. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a magical experience. While it is very touristy, it is an attraction you cannot miss.


I would highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes, because while it is not a difficult walk, it can seem pretty long if your feet are hurting. I know it is tempting to wear something super stylish and cute since we all know a million photos will be taken, but wear something that you can move around in. I decided to wear a pair of acid wash jeans and a soft short sleeve tee. I paired this look with my velvet booties to give it a bit of flair.


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Party Pants

I found these pants in New York this past summer and was a little skeptical at first, but as soon as I put them on I was sold.

IMG_0229 2.jpg

They feel like pajamas but they look like you put in a lot of effort. With this off the shoulder red number, I was the comfiest I have been in my entire life. They didn't have my exact size in the pants so I got them a little bigger than usual. I kind of like how they look oversized though, so I am not too upset about it.

I think i'll try and add more party pants to my wardrobe because I am hooked! 

IMG_0232 2.jpg

I can't seem to find links for my pants and top, but i'll link some similar ones down below. As always, thanks for stopping by and see you soon! xo

Party Pants

Bardot Top