Girls Night Out

Sometimes a girls night out is just what the doctor ordered. I used to be a total homebody during the week and would only like to be out and about on the weekends. Recently though I have been loving a mid week catch up with friends. I’ve learned that girls nights don’t have to be some huge production like I used to make them during school. Now I have learned to appreciate a quick little dinner at a casual Mexican restaurant. (In this case it was Little Donkey. YUM.)


Stay tuned for more summer content coming soon. xx

Party Pants 2.0

Last summer I wore a pair of white “party pants” as I like to call them. They were super soft and super comfy. This year, I decided to step up the game and get another pair.


This pair from Anthropologie is so cute, and I love the little tie at the waist.

EE6EB154-55CE-4280-91FF-A15531B462D5 2.jpg

I also love that these are high waisted, because you can tuck so many different shirts into them and still look put together.


What are your go to party pants? Let me know below and check out my last post by clicking on the button!