Feeling Like Fall

I. Love. Fall. Especially fall fashion. I love being able to throw on a cute jacket without walking outside and immediately breaking into a sweat.


During fall I am always wearing booties. It can be hard to find the perfect pair of jeans to wear with booties but this pair from Lucky Brand hits right at the perfect spot on my ankles.


Speaking of booties, I love wearing these black booties nonstop. The height is great for walking around all day or dressing up for dinner.


This denim jacket is so easy to throw on with any outfit. I found it in New York at a market, and I wore it nonstop after.


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Dressed In Black - Head to Toe

Black is my go to color when it comes to throwing outfits together. It is so easy to pair a few black pieces and look put together.

I absolutely love this black skirt, I got it in London in 2015 and I haven’t put it up since. I can wear it for whatever occasion or season I need. 

The boots are also totally practical but also cute. I can wear them all day and my feet are fine. I love having little simple socks poking out.

This top gives me total rocker vibes with the winged details on the arms. Its simple and fitted but the extra detail makes it a true “look”.


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5 Occasions When It's OK to be Basic

Basic. A term that has become associated with a negative connotation. Today I'm talking about a different type of basic. I am going to show you five of my favorite basics - clothing pieces that is. 

My first favorite is the Joplin Relaxed Tee from Reformation. I have this exact tee in red pictured below, and I absolutely adore it. It is probably the softest shirt in my closet, and I cannot wait to transition it into my fall wardrobe. 

Next, I love the look of a blazer with light wash denim and a white t-shirt tucked in with some mules or even booties. I think it adds to the look even more if you get the blazer oversized so you can just throw it over your shoulders for a chic dinner with the girls.

A solid pair of booties is also a must. I am a firm believer that booties are a year round fashion statement. After living in Los Angeles for the past four years, it was even easier to wear them every day since it never really got too too hot.

A few years ago, I never would have told you I loved jeans. I was all about dresses and skirts. Recently though, I have rediscovered my love for jeans. These are one of my favorite pairs because they are super flattering and the leg is actually a great length for tall girls like myself.

Lastly, I am a sucker for coats. This shearling style coat has been on my radar since I was in London in March 2017, but I still haven’t gotten myself one! Maybe this season will be the time. I love the AllSaints one, but there are definitely more affordable options out there!

What are your favorite basics? Let me know down below!

Be on the lookout for even more new content coming this fall! xx