3 Ways To Dress Like Your Dad

So I’m sure everyone has seen the whole dad sneaker trend happening, and while I do not know where I stand on that fashion statement, there are plenty of other dad trends that I can support. Who knew I could create a whole new fall look without spending any money?!



This first idea is nothing special seeing as how I’ve been stealing my dad’s sweaters since I was in high school, but it is definitely a trend that I want to keep alive. I love pairing a big sweater with super tight skinny jeans and booties, because it is a cozy but cute look.


Next, is a look that I cannot wait to try. I know people have been wearing this trend for a few months now, but I simply cannot bring myself to wear a blazer in the dead of summer without passing out. I love the look of a “dad blazer” otherwise known as an oversized blazer with a pair of skinny jeans and a body suit and booties. (Outfit Inspo - Danielle Bernstein) I also love it over a fitted dress for a dressier look. Whichever direction you take it, I would recommend wearing fitted clothes under the blazer so you still have a nice silhouette.


This last look is one of my favorites. I love wearing oversized dress shirts year round. During the summer I would wear them with shorts and just tuck in one side. During the winter, they go great with jeans and the same tuck or as a dress with a sweater on top. If you wear them as a dress, they look great with tall boots. (Outfit Inspo - Allegra Shaw)


Tip: If you do not have access to clothes you can create these looks from at home, simply order the piece you want a few sizes up. That way it looks like you just pulled it out of your dad’s closet.


What are some of your favorite dad trends? Let me know down below! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for more and check out my last post below!