5 Fashion Rules to Follow

Over time, many fashion rules have come about. While some have aged out, there are others that have held strong to this day. I got the idea for this post from Ashely Brooke’s video 18 Fashion Rules: Which to Break and Which to Follow.

With the rules below, these are all my own opinion. While some people may live their fashion lives freely, there are some rules that I follow religiously - one in particular that you will see below. ;)


5. Have a go to outfit.

Don’t get me wrong - I love putting together super creative and super stylish outfits, but sometimes you just do not have enough time to do that. This is where your everyday uniform comes in handy. For example, in Los Angeles it seems as if the go to outfit is a pair of jeans and a tee - usually all black. I became quite fond of this outfit while living in the area, because it was so easy, but I still felt stylish and cool when wearing it.


4. Know Your Fit

By this I mean know what styles suit you best. Some dresses may look fabulous on one person but completely different on someone else. Feeling great in your clothes comes from learning what looks best on your specific shape. For example, when you find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, I can guarantee you will feel so much better when you walk out of the door.


3. Wear Sunglasses No Matter The Season

Sunglasses are my absolute favorite part of my outfit. I remember in high school, my friends would always laugh when I still had my sunglasses on in the middle of a rain storm. Sunglasses serve multiple purposes - they protect your eyes which is important (!!!) and they add the finishing touch to your outfit.

spring in Paris

2. Quality Over Quantity


People that know me will probably laugh when they see this rule on my post, because I have not been one to understand the value of having minimal shoes or clothes. More recently though, I have started to appreciate the idea of having fewer items, but having them be nicer quality. I have slowly started to learn that when you buy something that is not great quality, you end up having to replace it once, twice, maybe three times before you stop wearing it. In the long run, you end up spending extra money you could’ve put into a nice piece.

  1. No White After Labor Day

    This is my absolute number one rule. I know many people will say this rule is outdated, but what can I say - I am from the south and this rule is serious here. Now this is not to say you can’t wear anything white after Labor Day. White shirts are fine. Winter whites (as in pants or skirts) are fine. White booties are fine. White jeans, linen, or any other summery styles are not. Many people will disagree with me on this one, but I will take this rule with me as long as I live. Oops!


What are your fashion rules that you follow? Let me know below and be sure to check out my last post!