My Top 5 Glossier Products

It’s time to talk about Glossier. Again. If you are new here, you will quickly learn that I absolutely love Glossier. I have been a huge fan of their products for quite some time and have managed to visit both the New York and Los Angeles showrooms. (Both are stunning.)

Everything Glossier does is minimalistic and beautiful. Their brand is one to watch. If you are new to the game, or if you just like reading about Glossier, see my top 5 must haves below.

1. Lash Slick - This mascara is my go to. It is perfect to throw on before running out the door, but it is also buildable if you want a heavier eye look.
2. Priming Moisturizer - You know the smell that engulfs you every time you walk into a spa? That is what this smells like, and it even feels like a spa treatment too.
3. Boy Brow - I think this was the first thing I purchased from Glossier. I never used to do my eyebrows, because I just didn’t know how. Boy Brow makes it so easy.
4. Balm Dotcom - I hate the feeling of chapped lips, but I also do not want to constantly apply lip gloss. chapstick, etc. This balm lasts so long and is my favorite lip product.
5. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack - Also part of my first Glossier purchase, this face mask feels so good on your skin, and my face feels so fresh and clean after I use it.

Want to give Glossier a try? Use my link to order some products for yourself You can get 10% off your order if you are a new customer, and if anyone spends over $30 you will receive free shipping. Just be sure to use my link HERE to get these awesome perks!

(All photos borrowed from Glossier.)

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