Beyond the few fun facts about me..

I am a dog lover. I have two adorable puppies named Lexie and Molly, and they run the household. Lexie is mine and she is a standard poodle that I treat like my own child. When you see me writing about my dogs (which you will), just know that I can't help it. They are two of my favorite things in life. 

I am a traveler. I get antsy if I go an extended amount of time without traveling. Ever since I was little, I have always been a world traveler. So far, I have visited The Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Morocco, Greece, France, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain.

I am an International Business major at Pepperdine University. I am not quite sure what specific job I want yet, but I have a little while to figure that out. My dream job would probably be something on the business side of a large fashion house. To work in Los Angeles, London, or New York City would be the absolute dream, and that is what drives me to work hard in school every day.

I am an only child. My dogs are the closest things I have to siblings, and sometimes I think my poodle replaces me as the favorite every now and again. I like being an only child though. Most people would get bored, but I love it. Being an only child meant I could go everywhere with my parents and never got stuck at home with other siblings and a babysitter. That is probably why I am so close with my parents now. I like it that way.

As time goes on I will probably think of other important things to write here, but for now this is what we are going to go with. 

- Ally xx