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Look at the title of this post. Now guess the song lyrics. She's American by The 1975. Super catchy, super upbeat, super great. 

As of now, I have seen The 1975 three times, and that is definitely not enough. Each show is so energetic. The crowds at these shows know every single word to every single song, and they definitely have no shyness when it comes to dancing in the aisles. 

The first 1975 show I attended was in 2014, and it was one of my first concerts in LA. The show was at The Palladium, and it was one of the coolest nights. We walked right in and moved our way through the crowd during the two opening acts, and then we noticed the people upstairs were getting a much better view. So, we obviously headed up there to get the full experience of the show. As it turns out, that was the VIP section and we ended up standing next to multiple other musicians, which after living in LA for all of 2 months, I was totally starstruck.

When the band came on, the whole venue screamed and immediately burst into song. Matty Healy has a way about entertaining the crowd with his little head bobs and wild hair swinging around on stage. You never really know what he is going to do next, so each show is entertaining in its own way. 

Since that show, I have seen The 1975 two other times. The second show was in early 2016 in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall. This venue was more like an empty warehouse, but it perfectly fit the vibes of the show. 

The most recent 1975 show I attended was in Birmingham, Alabama at the BJCC. The venue was smaller, but the show was still great. Matty controls the crowd, and I honestly don't think he even realizes he does it. Each show has flown by, and I am always on the lookout for the next tour. (Hopefully it's soon!)

As always, thanks so much for reading and chat soon! -A xx