It's going down, I'm yelling..


Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of seeing Eric Hutchinson live and in person. It was such a cool night, because I can remember getting ready for school most mornings listening to his music. There was something about the vibe his songs gave off that were just perfect for that early morning routine. 

Not only did I see Eric Hutchinson, but I got to see a local band from my original home in Birmingham, AL. The name of the band was Timber, and let me tell you firsthand. They were so SO good. There were no big flashy lights or production behind their set, and I think that is what I liked most about it. They walked on stage, talked a little, sang a little, and that was that. They were there to promote their music, and I can confirm it was working for them.

A few weeks after the show, I wanted to get to know a little bit more about them. Of course I could use Google and probably find their Facebook page, but I wanted to hear it directly from them. So, I did a little interview with them..check it out below!

What is your band name? Timber

How did you come up with this name? We thought it sounded nice. 

How long have you been a band? Almost two years.

What inspires you to make music everyday? Knowing that it is a shield to madness.

What is one place you have always dreamed of performing? On a huge stage in front of the pyramids in Egypt. 

Who are your musical influences? Way too many to list here.

What is your favorite memory from being in the band so far? Our most recent recording session was probably my favorite moment thus far. Everything went very smoothly and the vibe was just right. I think we were really channeling some good karma or something that weekend. Very pleased with what we were able to track. 

hat makes this band unique? Terrible stage banter. We've embraced it, too. Some bands think all they need is a great song to breakthrough, but no. It's terrible stage banter.

Want to see more of Timber? Check them out HERE