10 Home Goods You Don't Need But You Definitely Want

The title says it all. We all love to stock up on home goods, but most of the time they are unnecessary items. That never stops us though! Here are 10 more unnecessary (but also necessary) items to add to your home.


Essential Oil Diffuser

These are perfect for the wellness junkie in your life. I love using peppermint oils for headaches.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is great for any room in the house, especially if you have other smart objects in your home.

Chemex Coffee Maker

I have yet to try this, but I am highly considering it. I have only heard rave reviews.

Fondue Set

Sure it may only get a few uses a year, but those uses will be worth it!

Charging Pad

These are great to have around the house. You can just throw your phone on it wherever you are.

Flip Clock

I think this clock is so cool. It adds a neat touch to any home.

Diptyque Candle

Overpriced candles are so enticing. They make perfect gifts because you never want to buy them for yourself.

Marble Cheeseboard

Even if you aren’t an entertainer, these look great on display in your kitchen.


If you are a health nut, this is a must.


Another product that probably won’t get much use, but when you do use it, the food will be great.


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Trendsetter Gift Guide

Trends change overnight, so it can be hard to keep up with them both physically and financially. Luckily, with some more affordable shopping sites it is a little easier on the wallet. If you know a trendsetter in your life, these are the perfect gifts for that special person.

Horizon Cream Puffer Jacket - Lulus

Puffer coat - The Aritzia Super Puff is super in right now, but it is always sold out, and it it’s pretty pricey. This is is a great dupe, and it looks super comfy.

Leigh Ann Black Pointed Toe Mid-Calf Booties - Lulus

Western booties - I’m sure you’ve seen the western trend everywhere. I really like these booties because they give you the western effect, but they aren’t full on cowboy.

Bushwick Taupe Leopard Print Knit Cardigan - Lulus
Vibrant Visuals Gold Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Lulus

Colored glasses - these have been in for a while, but they instantly upgrade the cool factor of any outfit.

Fur Ever Mine Brown Faux Fur Coat - Lulus

Faux fur coats - I love wearing fur coats. They raise your outfit to another level as soon as you throw one on. Wear a short coat for a casual but chic outfit, or wear a long coat for a glamorous movie star look.

Lamartine Gold Geometric Earrings - Lulus

Leopard print - leopard is another trend that is everywhere. This cardigan is great because it can be worn with so many different outfits, but it is also very on trend.

Kaine Black Snake Embossed Purse - Lulus

Top handle bucket bag - these bags are so chic. The croc effect gives it a cool girl vibe, and it can be paired with so many looks.

501 Cropped Black Distressed Jeans - Lulus

Levi’s jeans - Levi’s have been everywhere for a while now too, so I assume they’re here to stay. Many places are having sales on the popular styles right now as well.

Geometric jewelry - these earrings are great because they are super unique in shape, but they are also very simple.

Antonia 2 Nude Faux Fur Loafer Slides - Lulus

Mules - we all know Gucci mules are in, but they’re pretty expensive. I like this dupe because the fur allows you to wear them into the cooler weather.

No Wonder Gold and Black Double Buckle Belt - Lulus

Statement belt - to go along with the western trend, this belt is the perfect statement belt of the season. It has a slight western look, but also gives the blood look with the double buckle.


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For The People That Like to Sweat

Whether you're planning out your New Year's Resolutions, or you're just in need of some new workout gear I've got the perfect gifts for the workout lover in your life. 

I have been seeing these legging and crop bra sets all over Instagram, and I have been dying to try them. (Shout out to @shutthekaleup for starting the Outdoor Voices obsession)

I'm a sucker for a good pair of trainers, and I've had my eyes on these Adidas ever since my dad came home with his own pair of Adidas a few months ago. 

Ok so you've got all this workout gear right? Now you need a cute bag to carry it in. I love this one from lululemon because it kind of gives some Longchamp vibes but is great for your workout clothes as well.

I love my Apple Watch, because it tells me how far I've walked, how many calories I've burned, and so much more. Smart watches are great for tracking fitness as well as assisting you on everyday tasks.

If you are always on the go even after workout classes, bringing along a jacket or sweater is not always a bad idea. I've had my eye on this lululemon number for a few months now.

If you have a friend that is into pilates (or yoga) they are probably obsessed. A.k.a. my roommate and me. You probably also have to hear about how they are always losing their pilates socks. Here is a perfect gift for that friend. 

Hydration is key during a workout. Here are some cute water bottles that are guaranteed to make you look like you know what you are doing.

Here's to the runner in your life. Running with all of the headphone cords swinging around you can be quite difficult. These bluetooth headphones are perfect for the friend who spends their cardio hours running.

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The Bootie Guide

I. LOVE. BOOTIES. First of all, shoes are a weakness for me, second of all booties are even more of a weakness in the shoe category. Here are a few of my favorites for that shoe lover on your list.

These boots. These catch my eye every single time I go into Nordstrom, and every single time I have to go pick them up and play with them. I love the color block look and the heel is the perfect height. These are definitely high on the list this year.

A fun pair of patent leather boots never seemed like a bad idea to me. These booties from Topshop are affordable and stylish.

With a name like Jagger Boot, you know this shoe has got to be cool. These Free People shoes caught my eye over the summer, and I haven't been able to get them out of my head since. Get these for your friend that loves to push the edge style wise.

Ok for a pair of shoes these are definitely on the pricier side, but Saint Laurent is one of my most coveted brands. If you're looking to spoil someone with a solid staple piece, these black booties are perfect.

Sock booties are a hit right now, and I mean look how cute these Jeffrey Campbell booties are. I can't decide if I like the solid or houndstooth ones more!

Now if you love the sock boot look but want to keep it more on the casual side, these Zara booties are perfect. They are a great option if you don't want the full on sock look.

Once again, these are pretty pricy, but Gucci has really outdone themselves with these. (They are really just those boots that I wanted to include on this post because I had to say something about how perfect they were.) The color is beautiful and they are really just classic Gucci

Another staple piece in any closet is a pair of velvet booties. I love this pink pair and think they are perfect for day or night. 

Last but not least, a pair of boots with.a fun print is a must. These are so cute and perfect for the fashion forward friend in your life.


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