Puppy Gift Guide

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with my two pups. Lexie is my standard poodle and Molly is a rescue. They are both spoiled rotten and probably the cutest creatures to ever walk the Earth - I might be biased though. I love seeing them attempt to open their Christmas presents on Christmas morning. They have never been super into toys, but it is still fun picking out toys and treats for them. These are some special presents your puppy or puppy loving friend might enjoy!


Jingle Bell Collar

I love getting Christmas collars for my pups. They look so cute and festive.

Puppy Booties

We got these for my poodle when she was scratching up the door. They also double as a bit of entertainment while your pup tries to learn to walk with them on.

Ceramic Food Bowl Holder

If you want to keep your kitchen ~aesthetic~ consistent, this bowl is sure to continue a sleek and simple look.

Dog Coffee Mug

What better way to profess your love for your creature than a coffee mug?

Organic Treats

My pups love this brand. They go crazy over the chicken strips.

Reindeer Toy

We always seem to end up buying reindeer toys for my pups around Christmas time. I haven’t heard any complaints from them yet!

Pet Carrier

This is suitable for smaller puppies and even cats. It is a little more stylish than the classic dog carrier.

Christmas Sweaters

I really think my dogs get chilly in the winter, so we always dress them in sweaters. I swear they seem happy wearing outfits.

Security Camera

Now I’m sure most people would use these to secure their homes, but I would use them to see what my pups are up to when I am gone.

Coffee Table Book

If you haven’t seen The Dogist on Instagram, I highly suggest it. The pictures are so entertaining, and this is a book version.


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