Traveler Gift Guide

Everyone has a traveler in their life - hey it might even be you! After living abroad in Switzerland for a year I like to think I learned quite a few tips and tricks while there. These are some products that I know I would love to receive as well as any other traveler this holiday season.

A suitcase set is a great gift. When all of your bags match, it is easier to identify them at the airport.

Bluetooth headphones - also a necessity. You don’t want to have to fumble around with cords the whole trip.

Just because you’re taking a work break doesn’t mean you can take a skin break. Travel size skincare is a perfect gift!

For trips that don’t require a suitcase. Perfect for a weekend getaway or a road trip along the coast.

A journal is a great way to keep all of your travel memories alive. That way you don’t forget all of the great moments.

This may not seem necessary, but I promise you once you start using a travel jewelry case you will never go without.

These packing cubes are a necessity. They keep all of your items organized in the most perfect way.

Instead of constantly buying water bottles, use a reusable bottle like this. It keeps your drink hot or cold too!

Traveling with a backpack rather than a purse is so convenient. It keeps your hands free to take pictures, etc.

A passport case would’ve come in handy when I was abroad. You don’t realize the wear and tear it gets.

You don’t realize how often other people mistake your luggage for their own. Utilize a luggage tag just in case!

After a long day of traveling, your eyes will definitely need some TLC. Eye patches offer a quick fix and are easy to pack.


Be sure to check out my other gift guides down below! Also, let me know what you’re buying the traveler in your life!