10 Home Goods You Don't Need But You Definitely Want

The title says it all. We all love to stock up on home goods, but most of the time they are unnecessary items. That never stops us though! Here are 10 more unnecessary (but also necessary) items to add to your home.


Essential Oil Diffuser

These are perfect for the wellness junkie in your life. I love using peppermint oils for headaches.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is great for any room in the house, especially if you have other smart objects in your home.

Chemex Coffee Maker

I have yet to try this, but I am highly considering it. I have only heard rave reviews.

Fondue Set

Sure it may only get a few uses a year, but those uses will be worth it!

Charging Pad

These are great to have around the house. You can just throw your phone on it wherever you are.

Flip Clock

I think this clock is so cool. It adds a neat touch to any home.

Diptyque Candle

Overpriced candles are so enticing. They make perfect gifts because you never want to buy them for yourself.

Marble Cheeseboard

Even if you aren’t an entertainer, these look great on display in your kitchen.


If you are a health nut, this is a must.


Another product that probably won’t get much use, but when you do use it, the food will be great.


Check back for more posts and gift guides! xx