Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is right around the corner. Literally. How did it get here so fast?! If you are behind on your Christmas shopping, keep reading to get some last minute gift ideas. A ton of stores do free rush shipping the closer it gets to Christmas, so be sure to take advantage!


Gucci Wallet on a Chain

A nice little purse is a gift that someone will keep forever.

Tiffany Ring

I think Tiffany rings are great gifts, because like a nice bag, you can keep these forever.

Reformation Party Dress

Reformation has the best dresses, especially when it comes to the holiday season.

Investment Denim

Instead of buying a bunch of lower end jeans and having to replace them frequently, a few pairs of nice jeans are the way to go.

Diptyque Candle

These are always a gift suggestion from me. They are so beautiful to look at, and they smell even better.

NARS Palette

I have recently become a huge fan of NARS, and this eye palette is perfect for all of the NYE parties coming our way.

Ouai Travel Kit

This kit is great for a lot of things, but two of them are 1. trying out Ouai products if you are a newbie and 2. all of those vacays you are headed on in 2019.

Puffer Coat

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it is about to be winter. That means a long few months of cold weather ahead. This puffer will help ease the pain.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are an essential for me now. I have a small pair of earbuds that I wear to the gym, but these on ear ones are perfect for traveling.

Sugarfina Bento Box

If you haven’t had Sugarfina candy, I highly suggest you order two of whatever you buy - one for your gift receiver and one for yourself!


Make sure to keep your eye out for all of the holiday deals leading up to Christmas, and keep checking back for more from House of Hallyn! xx

10 Home Goods You Don't Need But You Definitely Want

The title says it all. We all love to stock up on home goods, but most of the time they are unnecessary items. That never stops us though! Here are 10 more unnecessary (but also necessary) items to add to your home.


Essential Oil Diffuser

These are perfect for the wellness junkie in your life. I love using peppermint oils for headaches.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is great for any room in the house, especially if you have other smart objects in your home.

Chemex Coffee Maker

I have yet to try this, but I am highly considering it. I have only heard rave reviews.

Fondue Set

Sure it may only get a few uses a year, but those uses will be worth it!

Charging Pad

These are great to have around the house. You can just throw your phone on it wherever you are.

Flip Clock

I think this clock is so cool. It adds a neat touch to any home.

Diptyque Candle

Overpriced candles are so enticing. They make perfect gifts because you never want to buy them for yourself.

Marble Cheeseboard

Even if you aren’t an entertainer, these look great on display in your kitchen.


If you are a health nut, this is a must.


Another product that probably won’t get much use, but when you do use it, the food will be great.


Check back for more posts and gift guides! xx

My Favorite Things

As I've been working on different gift guides for every group, a few things caught my eye. These are my favorites so far. Some are things that have been on my mind for awhile, and others just came about while compiling the other guides. Take a look for yourself!

Puffer Coat

Puffer coats are all the hype this season - especially the Aritzia Super Puff. Unfortunately, that one seems to be sold out in almost every color!

R13 Combat Boots

I’ve been loving white platform boots recently. Not sure why, but these from R13 are my favorite pair. Find a more affordable version here.

Saint Laurent Bag

Anyone who knows me knows I have a strong love of Saint Laurent bags, clothes, shoes, everything. One day I will buy myself one of these beauties, but until that day it will remain on my wish list.

Re/Done Levi’s

I love every pair of jeans on the Re/Done site, and I have been dying to get my hands on a pair.

Band Ring

I love little band rings, because you can pair them with so many other pieces of jewelry, and they also complete any look.

Card Holder

I have never owned a card holder before, because I never really saw the point. Now, I understand - especially with the whole mini bag trend coming about.


No explanation necessary. They are just a necessity.

Outdoor Voices Kit

I’ve written about about Outdoor Voices before, so we all know I am a fan. I think the idea of the OV Kit is so smart, because it makes matching your workout clothes so easy.

Bobbi Brown Palette

The majority of my makeup is Bobbi Brown, and I love getting their palettes around the holidays. They last me all year, and look stunning when applied.

Starbucks Gift Card

This is another self-explanatory gift. I am a twenty-two year old girl and I love Starbucks. Relatable right?

Brush Set

I’ve never had a real makeup brush set. I usually just pick up random brushes here and there - mostly from drug stores. I really want to invest in a nice set.

Skincare Set

I. Love. Skincare. Walking into Sephora around the holidays is so dangerous for me. I am a sucker for all of the gift sets!


What’s on your list this year? Let me know below!

Bag Gift Guide

I’m a sucker for purses, totes, travel bags, pretty much anything that qualifies as a bag. These are some of the best bag trends this season that would make great gifts!


Card Holder

These are great for small bags, or if you have a key ring, you can attach them to your keys to run some quick errands.


Wristlets are the perfect gift for someone who is traveling a lot, or someone who goes to sporting events. You have to have small bags at many events now, and this houndstooth one would be perfect for a ~certain~ football game at the end of the year.


Longchamp duffel bags have always been so cute to me. Plus, the fabric makes them perfect for easy cleaning after traveling.

Mini Backpack

Backpacks are perfect if you travel a lot and want to walk around whatever city you are in. It keeps your hands free for photographing everything you could ever want.

Night Out Purse

Everyone needs a flashy night out bag. For some reason I am obsessed with this bag. I have always been a sucker for shiny things though.

Funky Purse

A unique bag is necessary in every closet. I love love love this Pop and Suki Takeout Bag and the chain adds such a fun accent.

Clear Bag

These have been a trend for quite some time now, but I love the look of a clear bag with another bag in the middle of it.

Tote Bag

Totes are necessary for anyone who carries a lot around at once. Plus this one has a long strap and a top handle.

Camera Bag

Camera bags are a staple piece. You can find inexpensive ones in so many places, but I think this Smythson one is so classy and simple.

Tiny Bags

While tiny bags are not really practical, they do add a special something to any outfit. I do have to say, my favorite tiny bag is from Gucci. (Of course.)


What are your favorite bags of the season? Let me know down below and check out my other gift guides and posts while you’re at it!

Puppy Gift Guide

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with my two pups. Lexie is my standard poodle and Molly is a rescue. They are both spoiled rotten and probably the cutest creatures to ever walk the Earth - I might be biased though. I love seeing them attempt to open their Christmas presents on Christmas morning. They have never been super into toys, but it is still fun picking out toys and treats for them. These are some special presents your puppy or puppy loving friend might enjoy!


Jingle Bell Collar

I love getting Christmas collars for my pups. They look so cute and festive.

Puppy Booties

We got these for my poodle when she was scratching up the door. They also double as a bit of entertainment while your pup tries to learn to walk with them on.

Ceramic Food Bowl Holder

If you want to keep your kitchen ~aesthetic~ consistent, this bowl is sure to continue a sleek and simple look.

Dog Coffee Mug

What better way to profess your love for your creature than a coffee mug?

Organic Treats

My pups love this brand. They go crazy over the chicken strips.

Reindeer Toy

We always seem to end up buying reindeer toys for my pups around Christmas time. I haven’t heard any complaints from them yet!

Pet Carrier

This is suitable for smaller puppies and even cats. It is a little more stylish than the classic dog carrier.

Christmas Sweaters

I really think my dogs get chilly in the winter, so we always dress them in sweaters. I swear they seem happy wearing outfits.

Security Camera

Now I’m sure most people would use these to secure their homes, but I would use them to see what my pups are up to when I am gone.

Coffee Table Book

If you haven’t seen The Dogist on Instagram, I highly suggest it. The pictures are so entertaining, and this is a book version.


Be sure to check out my other gift guides and my most recent posts down below!!

25 Gifts Under $50

Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers, friend gifts, or just some last minute little presents, here are 25 gifts that are perfect for the occasion.


Amazon Echo Dot

Perfect for an addition to an “Alexafied” house, or perfect for someone that just wants a small speaker in their room.


Gold Hoops

Portable Charger

A great stocking stuffer. I don’t know one person who hasn’t let their phone die in the middle of the day.

Everyone needs a good pair of gold hoops. They go with so many outfits and will last for a long time.

Stacker Rings

Stacker rings go well with so much. They are perfect for adding a little bling to any outfit.


Kiehl’s Gift Box

We all love Kiehl’s, so why not purchase it at a discount?


FabFitFun Box

These are a great gift, because you don’t really even have to think that hard about what to buy. The box does it for you!


Bobbi Brown Beach Lotion

If you are a fan of the Bobbi Brown Beach perfume, then you have to try the lotion.


Yves Saint Laurent Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is a great gift, because they are easy to buy, and they will always be of use. Even if they are not read, they can be used as decoration.

Digital Photoframe

I love these because it takes the stress out of picking one photo to display.

Polaroid Film

So many people have little polaroid cameras these days, so film is the perfect stocking stuffer.


Tote Bag

Everyone needs a tote bag. Whether you use it for travel, work, or everyday, there will always be a need.

Card Holder

A card holder is great for when you don’t want to carry around your big wallet, or if you have a small purse.


Coffee Maker

Great for the college student, or the friend with the new apartment.


I mean this should be self explanatory, but chocolate is always the perfect gift. It’s the key to my heart at least.

Cocktail Kit

This is perfect for a housewarming gift. Plus, the matte black finish makes it extra sleek and cool.


Bobbi Brown Kit

I love everything Bobbi Brown does, so this needs no explanation. If you haven’t used any of Bobbi’s stuff before, this is your chance to try it out!

Too Faced Palette

Eyeshadow palettes are great for any girl that loves makeup.

Makeup Brush Set

Makeup brushes are great stocking stuffers. They would also pair great with the eyeshadow palette.


Homesick Candle

These candles are great to add a personal touch to any gift. Give your friends candles from their home state, and it is sure to make anyone happy.

Jewelry Box

I love little jewelry boxes, especially personalized ones. They are great to leave on your counter, and they are perfect to keep your everyday jewelry organized.


Pajama Set

Ok I’ll be honest. I haven’t tried this brand of pajamas yet, but I really love the print.


A great winter gift, especially for your friends that live in colder regions.

Workout Leggings

These are great for your friend that is ready to kick start their New Years fitness goals.


Record Player

A record player is a perfect addition to your home. It is decorative, and it is great to play music and bring a little character.


You have to have a record to play on your record player right? This is one of my favorites.


What gifts are you looking for next? Let me know down below, and be sure to check out my other gift guides as well as my most recent post below!

Trendsetter Gift Guide

Trends change overnight, so it can be hard to keep up with them both physically and financially. Luckily, with some more affordable shopping sites it is a little easier on the wallet. If you know a trendsetter in your life, these are the perfect gifts for that special person.

Horizon Cream Puffer Jacket - Lulus

Puffer coat - The Aritzia Super Puff is super in right now, but it is always sold out, and it it’s pretty pricey. This is is a great dupe, and it looks super comfy.

Leigh Ann Black Pointed Toe Mid-Calf Booties - Lulus

Western booties - I’m sure you’ve seen the western trend everywhere. I really like these booties because they give you the western effect, but they aren’t full on cowboy.

Bushwick Taupe Leopard Print Knit Cardigan - Lulus
Vibrant Visuals Gold Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Lulus

Colored glasses - these have been in for a while, but they instantly upgrade the cool factor of any outfit.

Fur Ever Mine Brown Faux Fur Coat - Lulus

Faux fur coats - I love wearing fur coats. They raise your outfit to another level as soon as you throw one on. Wear a short coat for a casual but chic outfit, or wear a long coat for a glamorous movie star look.

Lamartine Gold Geometric Earrings - Lulus

Leopard print - leopard is another trend that is everywhere. This cardigan is great because it can be worn with so many different outfits, but it is also very on trend.

Kaine Black Snake Embossed Purse - Lulus

Top handle bucket bag - these bags are so chic. The croc effect gives it a cool girl vibe, and it can be paired with so many looks.

501 Cropped Black Distressed Jeans - Lulus

Levi’s jeans - Levi’s have been everywhere for a while now too, so I assume they’re here to stay. Many places are having sales on the popular styles right now as well.

Geometric jewelry - these earrings are great because they are super unique in shape, but they are also very simple.

Antonia 2 Nude Faux Fur Loafer Slides - Lulus

Mules - we all know Gucci mules are in, but they’re pretty expensive. I like this dupe because the fur allows you to wear them into the cooler weather.

No Wonder Gold and Black Double Buckle Belt - Lulus

Statement belt - to go along with the western trend, this belt is the perfect statement belt of the season. It has a slight western look, but also gives the blood look with the double buckle.


Be sure to check out my most recent post as well as my gift guides down below!

Fit Girl Gift Guide

I always love to receive workout clothes and fitness related items for Christmas. During the year I know I need them, but I can never bring myself to go out and buy nice workout clothes when I would rather buy a new everyday outfit. I tend to work out around five or six times a week, so I have tried my fair share of workout apparel. These are a few pieces that would be perfect for your fitness guru friend.


Apple Watch Series 4 - I love my Apple Watch so much. It counts calories burned, steps, and so much more. It is so easy to wear to track workouts and can be customized with different straps so you can wear it during the day as well.

Classpass Membership - Classpass is honestly one of the greatest ideas. When I lived in New York for a summer it allowed me to try out so many different classes for much less money than I would’ve paid without Classpass.

Boxing Gloves - If you are into boxing classes (which I highly suggest trying), boxing gloves are a necessity. It can add up when you are constantly paying the rental fee. Plus, if you own the gloves you can pick whichever design you want!

Fabletics Membership - if you are someone that works out a lot or you just like to wear activewear, this is perfect for you. Fabletics is super affordable and surprisingly good quality.

Free People Movement Leggings - I love these types of leggings for low impact workouts like Pilates. The lace up sides give it an extra detail as well.

Adidas Running Shoes - I love these because they look super cool on, but they are also very comfortable and supportive when you run.

Furry Slides - I love wearing these to and from classes that don’t require tennis shoes. For example, I always wear my slides to and from Soulcycle and pilates.

Lululemon Backpack - a backpack is great for someone who goes to workout classes. Even though you are throwing your stuff in a locker, it still helps to have one bag to throw everything in.

OV Fleece - Outdoor Voices just came out with this fleece, and it looks so dreamy. In the winter especially, a jacket is necessary when going to and from your workout.

OV Tech Sweat Leggings - when you do a high intensity workout where you sweat a lot, you don’t want to walk around after with sweat showing on your leggings. These are great because they hide it all.

Hydroflask - these are a great workout item. The straw cap makes it easy to pick up and take a quick sip in between reps. Plus, there are tons of colors to choose from.

Nutribullet - I use my Nutribullet every morning. It is so easy, and you can take the cup you blended your smoothie in as your drink cup. You can also use this for so much more than smoothies.

Daily Harvest Box - Going along with the Nutribullet, I make a Daily Harvest smoothie every single morning. They offer so many great smoothie flavors as well as soups, lattes, bowls, and more. They also have super clean ingredients.


Be sure to check out my other gift guides and let me know what other gift guides you want to see down below!

Traveler Gift Guide

Everyone has a traveler in their life - hey it might even be you! After living abroad in Switzerland for a year I like to think I learned quite a few tips and tricks while there. These are some products that I know I would love to receive as well as any other traveler this holiday season.

A suitcase set is a great gift. When all of your bags match, it is easier to identify them at the airport.

Bluetooth headphones - also a necessity. You don’t want to have to fumble around with cords the whole trip.

Just because you’re taking a work break doesn’t mean you can take a skin break. Travel size skincare is a perfect gift!

For trips that don’t require a suitcase. Perfect for a weekend getaway or a road trip along the coast.

A journal is a great way to keep all of your travel memories alive. That way you don’t forget all of the great moments.

This may not seem necessary, but I promise you once you start using a travel jewelry case you will never go without.

These packing cubes are a necessity. They keep all of your items organized in the most perfect way.

Instead of constantly buying water bottles, use a reusable bottle like this. It keeps your drink hot or cold too!

Traveling with a backpack rather than a purse is so convenient. It keeps your hands free to take pictures, etc.

A passport case would’ve come in handy when I was abroad. You don’t realize the wear and tear it gets.

You don’t realize how often other people mistake your luggage for their own. Utilize a luggage tag just in case!

After a long day of traveling, your eyes will definitely need some TLC. Eye patches offer a quick fix and are easy to pack.


Be sure to check out my other gift guides down below! Also, let me know what you’re buying the traveler in your life!

Cozy Gift Guide

I love using fall and winter as the perfect excuse to get all cozied up at home. There is nothing better than changing into comfy clothes and starting up a fire. These are some cozy pieces that are sure to make some present recipients happy this holiday season.


PJ Set

A PJ set is a great idea. Whenever I want to feel super cozy, I put on a pair of matching pajamas and I feel cute and comfy.

Crochet Blanket

The blanket does not have to be a crochet blanket, but I find that these keep you the warmest. They are also heavier, so they don’t move around as much.


For when you aren’t cold enough for a hoodie, but you still want some extra warmth, a cardigan is the perfect piece. This one is also great to wear to and from the gym.


Yet another easy piece to throw on. You can never go wrong with a pair of leggings. I love wearing leggings around the house because they feel a little more put together than sweatpants but still just as comfy,


During the summer, I typically just wear socks around the house, but when it comes to cooler seasons, I like to have something extra warm on my feet. These slippers are so fuzzy and so cozy.


A fuzzy robe is great for when you are getting ready. I love wearing furry robes in the winter when I am doing my hair and makeup, because it allows me to stay comfy for as long as possible.


This is the easiest piece to throw on at the end of the day. If you come home from a long day and just do not feel like throwing together another coordinated outfit, just throw on a pair of sweatpants. You are good to go!


I am really into hoodies at the moment. This one is just your typical hoodie, but it still gives the ultimate comfort.

What are your favorite cozy pieces? Let me know down below and check out my other gift guides down below!

Entertainer Gift Guide

The holiday season seems to bring out the entertainer in everyone. Whether you are throwing a party for your family and friends or you are having a normal night at home, these are gifts that any entertainer will appreciate.


Marble Cheese Board

A marble cheese board is in almost every kitchen these days. I love this one because it is a little more unique than the standard square or rectangle board.

Seasonal Candle

I love candles. They can really be gifts year round. To make the gift seem like you put more effort into it, buy a candle that matches the occasion. For example, this Christmas candle would be perfect for a Christmas party.

Slate Serving Tray

A serving tray is a great party piece. It makes your dinner setup look polished and put together. Any entertainer would love one. Depending on the person’s style, you can find a serving tray to match their home.

Fondue Set

Okay these definitely aren’t an essential but they sure make for a fun party. We started to make fondue every Christmas Eve a few years ago, and it is so fun and so yummy. I would love to go to a fondue party!

Casserole Dish

Another essential in any home. You always need a casserole dish whether you are entertaining a crowd or not.

Dish Towel

A dish towel is a great hostess gift to bring, because it is festive for the season, but it is also an easy and inexpensive present.

Moscow Mule Mugs

These definitely aren’t an essential, but they sure do make any party a little more festive. They look especially cute when placed out with the cheese board mentioned earlier.

Marble Coasters

These make great gifts. Everyone needs coasters in their home, and these marble ones are extra nice.

Cheese Tool Set

These look great with the cheese board from earlier. You have to have cheese knives if you are going to have a party, so why not make them extra cute?

Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are great gifts, because the perfect ending to every dinner party is the perfect espresso or coffee.


Stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon!

Beauty Gift Guide

This past year especially I have become a lot more obsessed with skincare. I typically have kept my skin routines pretty simple, but now I love trying out new masks and treatments. This gift guide has a lot of products that have become my favorite as well as those that I want to try.


Laneige Water Bank Moisturizer

I am in LOVE with this moisturizer. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft. It is perfect for the winter.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This spray is absolutely a dream. It is a little on the expensive side, so it is the perfect item to ask for as a gift. It is so worth it though.

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

I’ve talked about this mask before, but if you haven’t gotten this mask yet, you absolutely have to. It smells like pumpkins and is the perfect seasonal face mask.

Laneige Lip Mask

Can you tell I love Laneige products? This lip mask smells like watermelons and keeps your lips hydrated through the entire night.

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask

This eye mask is a savior. If your eyes are puffy like mine always are when I wake up, you have to buy this product.

Garnier Micellar Water

I used to only use makeup wipes, and then I discovered the beauty of this micellar water. It is super inexpensive and it gets the job done. A perfect stocking stuffer.

Bobbi Brown Toner

This product smells so good and makes sure that you get everything off of your face before bed. It has become an essential in my night routine.

Clinique Hydrating Jelly

This is so great for wearing underneath your makeup. It also protects your face from pollutants, which is especially useful in a big city.


Stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon! Let me know down below if you have any gift guide recs. xx

Gift Guide for Great Skin

I have always been a huge fan of skincare products. Taking care of your skin is so important, and you will be thankful in the long run. If you have a friend that has great skin or wants to achieve great skin, keep reading for some fun holiday gifts for them.

I recently became a Glossier Rep, and I absolutely adore their face masks. This mask duo is great for a night full of pampering yourself. Use the mega greens mask first and then the moon mask for a complete night of skin rejuvenation. (and don't forget to use my link to get 20% off your first order!!)

Masks aren't just for your face! I love this overnight lip mask for days when my lips feel especially dry. I absolutely can't stand the feeling of dry lips, and this mask is a lifesaver. 

This eye cream has been an essential in my daily routine for as long as I can remember. I always put it on right before I do my makeup, and it keeps the under eyes feeling fresh and hydrated.

Washing your face daily is so important. Personally, I wash mine twice a day, and it typically leaves my skin feeling super clean. I haven't tried this cleanser from Glossier, but I have heard great things about it!

This rose toner has been on my list for a while now. I have heard a lot about it, and I'm dying to give it a try. 

Taking off your makeup can be a pain, but I just started using this cleansing balm from Clinique, and I love it. It is so easy to use and leaves my skin free of any traces of makeup. 

This Clarisonic facial cleansing brush is great because it really exfoliates and digs deep to leave your skin feeling extra clean.

I love tinted moisturizers because it's as if you're combining three steps all in one. You get the moisturizer, the sunscreen, and the tint of color. I especially love the moisturizers with sunscreen (like this one), because it is so important to protect your face from the sun!

I love a good facial mist. I never used to use them much, but once I started I couldn't stop. A lot of the mists are for setting or toning, but I like to continue to use them throughout the day. I love to use a little spritz if I have been wearing my makeup all day and am getting ready to walk right back out the door. It makes me feel as if I have a brand new face of makeup on. 

Having great skin isn't just solely for your face. To keep your skin soft and glowing, I recommend using scrubs. I really want to try this one simply because it is glittery. (It has great reviews too, so that doesn't hurt either!)

If all you're looking for is a good face sunscreen, this one from Glossier is the perfect gift for you. It is super light and feels like you aren't wearing anything at all.

On days when I don't feel like I need that extra tint, a basic moisturizer with SPF is a great option. This one is great because it is thin but still moisturizing. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next gift guide and be sure to check out my other guides HERE!

The Avid Traveler in Your Life

For as long as I can remember, I have always been an avid traveler. I can never stay in one place for too long, and my list of dream destinations gets longer every day. If you know anyone else like me, you should consider some of these gifts for that traveler in your life.

Sunglasses are a necessity when you are traveling, because think about it - you spend most of your time walking around in the sun sightseeing and exploring a new city. Quay sunnies are some of my favorites because they are super trendy but also affordable. 

Of course you are going to want to document your memories when you are out and about. I love these polaroid cameras, because you don't have to wait until you're home to get them developed. (Plus they're totally trendy.) 

Away luggage is such an essential if you are a frequent traveler. Their luggage is definitely an investment, but it's well made, super cute, and it even charges your phone. 

If you know an international traveler, they definitely need a passport holder. I lived abroad for a year, and I wish I had owned one then. You don't realize how hard you are on your passport when you travel a lot. Now you definitely don't need this expensive of a passport holder (it is just so cute). You can find more reasonably priced holders here.

I don't know about you, but flying and traveling makes my face and eyes feel extremely puffy. I finally found a solution to the eye issue thanks to @alwaysjudging. I was watching her Instagram story one night and she was talking about her travel beauty essentials. This Kate Somerville eye balm was one that she suggested for puffy eyes, and it works absolutely beautifully. 

If you are getting on a long flight, you want to make sure you bring all of your essentials with you to your seat. This Longchamp tote is the perfect size and it even has a zipper to keep all of your belongings inside. 

My phone always seems to die so quickly when I travel, so a portable charger is a must. 

Whenever I travel, I absolutely have to have my headphones. If I can't listen to my music, the flight will drag on and on and on. I love these because they block out the noise around you, and they are also over the ear so they don't squish your ears the whole flight. 

If you are going to be making an investment in your luggage, you want to make sure it's got your name written all over it. This luggage tag is super cute and will match the aesthetic of your new Away luggage

Last but not least, comfy (but also cute) shoes are a must when traveling. I love these because they are super on trend at the moment, and you can pair them with a pair of jeans or even a casual skirt depending on your mood. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next gift guide and be sure to check out my other guides HERE!

For The People That Like to Sweat

Whether you're planning out your New Year's Resolutions, or you're just in need of some new workout gear I've got the perfect gifts for the workout lover in your life. 

I have been seeing these legging and crop bra sets all over Instagram, and I have been dying to try them. (Shout out to @shutthekaleup for starting the Outdoor Voices obsession)

I'm a sucker for a good pair of trainers, and I've had my eyes on these Adidas ever since my dad came home with his own pair of Adidas a few months ago. 

Ok so you've got all this workout gear right? Now you need a cute bag to carry it in. I love this one from lululemon because it kind of gives some Longchamp vibes but is great for your workout clothes as well.

I love my Apple Watch, because it tells me how far I've walked, how many calories I've burned, and so much more. Smart watches are great for tracking fitness as well as assisting you on everyday tasks.

If you are always on the go even after workout classes, bringing along a jacket or sweater is not always a bad idea. I've had my eye on this lululemon number for a few months now.

If you have a friend that is into pilates (or yoga) they are probably obsessed. A.k.a. my roommate and me. You probably also have to hear about how they are always losing their pilates socks. Here is a perfect gift for that friend. 

Hydration is key during a workout. Here are some cute water bottles that are guaranteed to make you look like you know what you are doing.

Here's to the runner in your life. Running with all of the headphone cords swinging around you can be quite difficult. These bluetooth headphones are perfect for the friend who spends their cardio hours running.

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The Bootie Guide

I. LOVE. BOOTIES. First of all, shoes are a weakness for me, second of all booties are even more of a weakness in the shoe category. Here are a few of my favorites for that shoe lover on your list.

These boots. These catch my eye every single time I go into Nordstrom, and every single time I have to go pick them up and play with them. I love the color block look and the heel is the perfect height. These are definitely high on the list this year.

A fun pair of patent leather boots never seemed like a bad idea to me. These booties from Topshop are affordable and stylish.

With a name like Jagger Boot, you know this shoe has got to be cool. These Free People shoes caught my eye over the summer, and I haven't been able to get them out of my head since. Get these for your friend that loves to push the edge style wise.

Ok for a pair of shoes these are definitely on the pricier side, but Saint Laurent is one of my most coveted brands. If you're looking to spoil someone with a solid staple piece, these black booties are perfect.

Sock booties are a hit right now, and I mean look how cute these Jeffrey Campbell booties are. I can't decide if I like the solid or houndstooth ones more!

Now if you love the sock boot look but want to keep it more on the casual side, these Zara booties are perfect. They are a great option if you don't want the full on sock look.

Once again, these are pretty pricy, but Gucci has really outdone themselves with these. (They are really just those boots that I wanted to include on this post because I had to say something about how perfect they were.) The color is beautiful and they are really just classic Gucci

Another staple piece in any closet is a pair of velvet booties. I love this pink pair and think they are perfect for day or night. 

Last but not least, a pair of boots with.a fun print is a must. These are so cute and perfect for the fashion forward friend in your life.


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